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Golden Rush
Added 3 March 2017
сказка, игра, фэнтези, иконки, игры, интерфейс
Вместе лучше
Behance The work was performed as part of the Vondel team.
Added 3 February 2017
site, web, promo, interface, icons, cat
KitKat app for VK
Работа выполнена в составе команды Vondel. Желающие могут лайкнуть на Behance
Added 10 January 2017
animals, illustrations, interface, panda, nestle, low poly
Flow: онлайн камеры со всего мира
Скачать приложение можно в App Store Поддержать на Behance и Dribbble
Added 23 December 2016
camera, iphone, app, web, интерфейс, веб
Steak Mobile App
Мобильное приложение "Steak" - как приготовить стейк в домашних условиях. Смотрите полную презентацию на Behance
Added 10 December 2016
design, app, web, webdesign, interface, presentation
Pupil is the link between the teacher and student. The interface allows students to solve assignments, and teachers to track each student. Give homework and tests. No notebooks. No diaries.
Added 9 December 2016
сайт, web design, интерфейс, interface
Euroset Website Redesign (WIP)
Added 21 October 2016
design, shop, web, website, interface, inspiration
Главная страница
2 вариант главной страницы для сайта гостиничного комплекса Иртыш
Added 5 October 2016
сайт, site, web, интерфейс, interface, landing
Главная страница сайта гостиничного комплекса "Иртыш"
Added 2 October 2016
сайт, site, web, интерфейс, interface, landing
KipUp UI kit of 15 elements
I'm proud to present you stylish and bright UI kit, which consists of 15 elements. I tried to make it as useful and diverse as possible to help you save time by facilitating designing or prototyping processes.
Added 22 June 2016
shop, web, sketch, interface, icons, blog