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Tommy Brown
Создание сайта для интернет-магазина электроники Tommy Brown. Полная версия презентации на Behance
Added 12 January 2017
магазин, shop, store, card, ukraine, online
Homepage of Online Casino HEX Germany Website
While working in gambling business, I created a lot of different projects, and the one, that makes me really proud is HexCasino. The design of the site is made in hexagon style and in black and white colors....
Added 21 November 2016
webdesign, online casino, hex casino
Bonnet Shop
Online store of hats for women and men
Added 4 November 2016
design, shop, store, online store, bonnet
Мобильная версия Bags Boutique
Added 3 November 2016
магазин, интернет-магазин, web, store, сумки, luxury
Concept Site Team "Origen"
Added 10 June 2016
site, web, game, game, nice, drawing
Дизайн страницы со списком игр
Added 8 June 2016
design, site, game, free, online, slots
Страница со списком онлайн казино
Added 8 June 2016
design, site, casino, online, reviews
Scatter symbol
Graphic design of symbol for the game slot machine "Vampire hunters" http://slotopaint.com/
Added 24 May 2016
design, art, game, sketches, graphic, symbol
League Of Legends ( Prototype )
Added 8 May 2016
игры, love, game, герой, fun, победа
Bigl – online market
Работа сделана в Looma Будем рады вашей поддержке на Behance
Added 25 April 2016
creative, advertising, , key, post, visual